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Formatting: Crain’s E-mail Alerts

January 5, 2010 2 comments

I follow local business news very closely and Crain’s Chicago Business is an incredible source for Chicago business news.  They have excellent reporting, a broad range of stories,  and even a well produced daily video podcast (iTunes).   However, Crain’s E-mail alerts have some opportunity for improvement.  And as many of my friends and colleague know, I am a “Formatting Nazi”.

Here is a quick “1-minute” formatting improvement.



The improved segment is easier to read; looking cleaner, better structured, and more professional.  I made five improvements, each of which made a dramatic difference.

  • Move the date below the “Top Headlines” title -> cleaner look.
  • Used an Un-ordered list instead of inline, text bullets -> cleaner look.
  • Decreased quantity of words in each headline -> no wrapping text.
  • Standardized text sizes -> all headlines match, cleaner look.
  • Used Blagojevich’s real last name, not slang -> improved professionalism.