Professional Summary

I am passionate about developing technology-based solutions to reduce costs and improve manufacturing, supply chain, and business process efficiency.

  • Excellent communication, presentation, problem solving, organization, prioritization skills
  • Experience in many operations management techniques including
    • Supply chain modeling and optimization
    • Process re-engineering
    • Six Sigma
    • Lean Operations
    • Just-In-Time manufacturing
    • Theory of Constraints.
  • Multiple implementations
    • USG: 5 individual plants/waves
    • Emerson: 3 waves, 6 plants (2 international), 1 distribution center

Personal Life

  • I’m really into home improvement
    • Comfortable with most electrical work
    • Have built several fully custom closets
    • Wired my Condominium with low voltage (Speakers, Ethernet, HDMI over Cat 6, etc.)
  • I play lots of volleyball; Beach and Indoor
  • I’m treasurer at two condominium associations
    • 6 unit “gray-stone” building where I live (Self Managed)
    • 55 unit investment property where I own one unit (Professional Managed)


Email: ed@edhayes.us
Phone: (440) 263-4420
Twitter: Twitter.com/EdHayes3
LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/in/EdHayes
so-icon StackOverfow: stackoverflow.com/users/4565439/edhayes3

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