Oracle Forms

  • e-Kanban Workbench
  • Library Item status and maintenance
  • Resource Run maintenance
  • Single Item Supply/Demand
  • Multi-Org Supply/Demand
    • Show Inventory/Supply/Demand on a single item at multiple facilities
  • Available to Build
  • Default Printing
  • Foreign Trade Module
    • Administer Pedimentos related to Maquiladora and importing
  • GTIN/UPC Generation
    • Automatically generated next available UPC
    • Automatically created all UOM level GTINS
  • Express Transactions/Printing
    • Allowed for single scans to ship Parcel/LTL
    • Fully automated conditional and parallel processing
    • Printed labels/documents to correct workstation printers
    • Manifested Shipments
    • Ship confirmed trips/deliveries
  • Custom Wave Creation
    • Required for including/excluding multiple customers into a common wave
  • Advanced Item attribute storage and Label printing system
    • Fully translatable
    • Creation/Maintenance of custom item attributes
      • Securitized
      • Derived (using SQL) or Manually entered
      • LOV checked
    • Creation/Maintenance of labels templates
    • Creation/Maintenance of product groups
      • Assign one or more label templates to UOMs
      • Assign attributes
    • Assign product groups/maintain Item attributes
    • Fully automated/Parallel label printing
      • Automatic selection of label printer(s) based on size/stock type
      • Automatic selection of labels to print
      • Automatic derivation of label quantities to print
  • Cycle Count Disposition
    • Administer a Cycle Count used to facilitate Physical Inventory
    • Review status of count
    • Quick Approval/Recount of count entries

Concurrent Programs

  • Reorder Point Planning (ROP)
  • Data Extracts for BI Publisher
    • INV Move Order
    • WIP Discrete Job
    • WIP Move
    • WSH Trip/Delivery
    • Releasable Report
    • Resource Run
    • OM Sales Order
    • AR Invoice
    • LPN (License Plate Number)
    • Wave/Task
  • Lot/Serial Aging
  • Cartonization (LTL and Parcel)
    • Replaced Oracle seeded cartonization
    • Required for multiple Units of measure
    • Multi-level LPN structure
  • Update LPN Container
    • Bypass Oracle BUG to allow container change on picked LPN
  • Cycle Count Task Manager
    • Automated many administrative tasks

Form Personalizations

  • WIP Discrete Job
  • WIP Move
  • Receipt Packing Slip
  • Pick Release
  • Restrict Resource group to ORG


  • WIP Move
  • Transact Move Order
  • Inventory Move Order

Mobile Screen (MSCA/MWA)

  • Pick Confirm (LTL/Parcel)
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