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Loyalty Programs

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Corporate Wellness Programs

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Companies that have effective corporate wellness programs see increased productivity, moral, and company loyalty. They also see decreased absenteeism, sick leave, and healthcare claims. How much money can your company save?

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Save $300,000 with Data Mining

May 11, 2009 Leave a comment


I have decided to start doing some analysis of current business processes of companies. Hopefully I can come up with some valuable input for these companies; free of charge. I will post my findings and analysis at It amazes me how such large companies let seemingly small problems fester and create such huge problems!

Now I just have to figure out who my first victim will be. I have so many to choose from… Dunkin Donuts, Aetna, Realtors, Developers, Auto manufacturers, Building Management companies, Phonebook companies, News papers…

Social Media

April 28, 2009 Leave a comment


This question was presented on a LinkedIn group that I subscribe to:

60% of Gen Y’ers think social media is discouraged in the workplace, yet 87% think leveraging social media can grow a brand and business according to recent Brill Street study. What’s your experience?

As a young adult who embraces social media, I believe that I have a valuable opinion on this matter.  Here was my response:

Most legacy media companies have yet to create an effective web presence/brand, or embrace the power of the internet, let alone create an effective social media presence. It seems like the management of said companies has remained stuck in old business models that are failing on a daily basis.

With that said, I do not believe the majority of Fortune 500 companies are correctly embracing the power, versatility, or cost effectiveness of social medial. Here are some examples:

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DTV Blunders

January 17, 2009 Leave a comment

2002 (proof).pdf

The US Government has embarked upon a mission to convert all US TV broadcast from analog to digital. For more information on the history and details on the conversion go to Wikipedia or to the Government DTV site. Here is my analysis.

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