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Question on Demand Planning & Forecasting

January 26, 2009 Leave a comment


I was sent a message on LinkedIn from a gentleman requesting my input on their planning methods. As I was writing my response, I thought that it would be of benefit to other people, so I am posting the question and response here. Click “read more” below to read the entire question and response.


We both share the Supply Chain group on linkedin.I understand you have experience in Demand Planning & Forecasting. We at the IBF – Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning are currently researching what companies are doing to manage their inventory, reduce operating costs, improve customer retention & fulfillment in this volatile market? Especially, when history can no longer be an indication of future outcome. It would be great if you could share some thoughts on what your company is doing to remain competitive and preserve cash. Furthermore, do you feel executives are recognizing the important of demand planning & forecasting, more so now than ever before? And if so, are they only looking for technology as the quick fix, or improving processes from your viewpoint? Of course, we see pursuing technology without having proper processes in place to be dangerous.

So far, we’re seeing companies paying more attention to forecasting for items with higher value only, and doing it at shorter interval. We’re also seeing companies truly leveraging their S&OP processes, as well as their POS and Syndicated data to make better planning decisions from having a clearer picture of consumer behavior at any given time.

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