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Cingular Won’t Bill Me

Cingluar has got to be one of my top 10 hated companies, based solely on their customer service. This time it has to do with my Business account.

My phone is on a corporate account with the company I work for. I am responsible for paying the bill. The bill is sent to my home address. I changed my billing to be online only, so I don’t have to get the bill at home, and I can print it whenever I need to do an expense report.

Cingular charged my AMEX card on the 23rd of December. The online account manger (which business accounts shouldn’t have access to) says:

Your bill is not available for display. If this is your first bill, it will be displayed approximately ten days after the end of your first billing cycle.

Well, it has been two billing cycles since the charge. I called on the 15th of January and requested a new paper bill. They said it would take 5 to 10 business days. As of the 27th (9 business days, if you don’t count MLK day or Saturdays) I have not received it. I will be gone for two weeks while I am in Texas, so if I get it Monday, it does me no good.

Amex requires you to pay your bill in Full, and they give you 60 days. By the time I get back, get the bill, go back to Texas, submit my expense report, and have the company pay AMEX, the charge will be 60 days old.

So if I can’t get a Cingular bill, to submit with my expense report, to have the AMEX bill paid, I will get charged late fees, which I am responsible for. I have no other option than to dispute the charge.

It all goes back to the fact that I opted to receive my bills electronically; to save trees, stamps, shipping energy, etc.. If business customers can’t receive bills electronically (according to internal company policy), they shouldn’t have the option to do electronic billing.

I asked them to send me a bill, Next Day Air, to Texas so I could submit my expense report. They said they don’t have the ability to. They also don’t have the ability to email me my bill in PDF form. And this is supposed to be a high tech company. How is this for a vision?


To be the most highly regarded wireless company in the world, with a driving focus around best-in-class sales and service.

I guess it’s a vision because they will never get their. HAHA.


Customers: We value our customers and treat them with respect, providing friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and prompt service at all touch points. We seek and are driven by our customers’ feedback.

If you ask me; that should not be a value if they don’t adhere to it.

Enough about Cingular.

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