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CLRC663 Module SPI -> I2C

I got this CLRC663 RFID module from Aliexpress. I wanted to try and get it to work with I2C. The datasheet of the controller chip says it’s quite doable.

If you need to change your CLRC663 module to work with I2C, you can easily do so by using a hot air gun/rework station and changing resistors R2 -> R1, and R4 -> R8.

Communication Type Selection

You will also want to set the I2C address by moving R29 -> R9 and R28 -> R8 (I’m not sure why there are two R8s on this board. *shrugs*). This will set the the controller pins 28 and 30 to GND.

I2C Address Selection

After these changes are made, you should be able to communicate with the chip at I2C address 0x28.

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