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Bearer of Bad News

August 29, 2009 Leave a comment

I was recently watching Nova scienceNOW, and the host said something that really got me thinking:

Many people fear new information that might contain bad news beyond their control. But to fear bad news, by hiding from it, forfeits any opportunity to solve the problem.  –Neil deGrasse Tyson

It was like the doors from heaven opened up, and the light was shining on me!  I could not have said it better!  Neil’s comments reminded me of my work at a former employer.

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Fixed: RCN Hijacking Mistyped URLs

August 10, 2009 11 comments

RCN logo

Late last week, I was having a problem with RCN hijacking my mistyped URLs.  I was finally able to get them fixed!  This post has two different distinct topics; the situation and how the problem was solved.  In the near future I will post a new entry analyzing RCN’s business practices.

*Update – December 31st 2009*
I added a symptoms section and two guaranteed solutions at the bottom of this post.

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ERP and the Business of Change

July 20, 2009 Leave a comment

I saw an article over at SmartChange™ about ERP and the Business of Change. It got me thinking of the culture and business practices I witnessed at my last job at USG.  All three main points Marcelino Sanchez reviewed hit very close to home.

Individual Change… An individual may be confronted with a new user interface, a new “best practice”, a different way to make decisions, or any number of new requirements. When this is the case, individuals will tend to experience one or more of the following five key factors: fear, anxiety, confusion, loss of control, or erosion of power or influence in the organization. The more an individual feels any of these emotions, the less likely they are to accept the new way of doing things. Lack of acceptance will diminish or delay the benefits of the ERP effort…

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Save $300,000 with Data Mining

May 11, 2009 Leave a comment

CTA Fare Beeps, Devices, and Processes

April 15, 2009 Leave a comment

Chicago Card Bus Reader

I just read an article in the Chicago Tribune about the different types of beeps CTA fare boxes make on buses.  After reading it, I could not stop thinking about the decision making process the CTA used when designing the form and functionality behind the fare boxes, Chicago Card readers, and fare acceptance process.

If I were designing the bus fare system and process I would have done the following:

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DTV Blunders

January 17, 2009 Leave a comment

2002 (proof).pdf

The US Government has embarked upon a mission to convert all US TV broadcast from analog to digital. For more information on the history and details on the conversion go to Wikipedia or to the Government DTV site. Here is my analysis.

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