Work in Norfolk

Zebra 170PAX4

I am on a slightly new project at work now. I have been working heavily on my old project getting labels applied to units of board by hand and all that goes with that in our ERP system. Now I am working with plants that have a lot of robotics get these labels applied and ERP transactions performed automatically. The plant I am at now in Norfolk Virginia is one of USG’s newest plants, well, newest board lines. Since it is so new, it has pretty much the most robotics of any of our plants, so that is really neat. We are scheduled to turn the board line on within a month, and we need to have our labeler all set by then. I am the one that is responsible to get the labeler online and transacting by the time the board line gets started.

The picture above is the printer (Zebra 170PAX4) that is part of the whole labeling system. I don’t have a picture of the entire machine, but it is really quite amazing.

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