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GM to close truck plants

GM to close truck plants, shift to fuel-efficient cars – Jun. 3, 2008

Why close them? Why not convert them to plants that produce vehicles that consumers want. I do have to say, though, the writing has been on the wall. I would like to meet the board of directors and ask them where they got the strategy to build SUVs. I know they are profitable, but the board should be smart enough to realize that the strategy to build SUVs is not sustainable. Jesus. If I was a stock holder in this company, I would be trying desperately to knock the entire board and management team out. I sense they are a bunch of yes men, or greedy people. Obviously most of the board incompetent to lead General Motors.

On a related note, at the most recent USG shareholder meeting, the shareholders voted (I voted NO) to add Robert Barnett to our board of directors. Mr. Barnett was a retired Executive Vice President of Motorola. So here are the two questions I have:

  1. Why did shareholders add a member to the board that was previously part of the management of a technology company. USG is a building supplies manufacturer. Does not make sense to me.
  2. Why did shareholders add him to the board when he has been part of the management team that has lead Motorola into a spiral of death?

When do I get to run a company?

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