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Business Plan for Lakeview Business

Over the past few weeks I have been developing a business plan for a business I would like to open in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago Illinois.  It has been quite the learning experience, but I have a lot more to do before it is completed.  As it stands, I have a rough business plan generated and a preliminary cash flow statement.

To develop the cash flow statement, I used my extraordinary Excel skills and created a tool that is quite robust.  The tool has a multitude of settings including options for new or used equipment, leases, energy, Point-of-sale system, labor, and raw materials, among others.  All which can be edited on a granular level, down to the cost of each raw material.  Utilizing a bill-of-material,  expected sales quantity, and retail price for each item, a revenue stream and cost-of-goods-sold is created to develop a net margin.  Along side fixed costs, initial equity infusion, and loan payments, the tool can generate the first eight quarters of cash flow.  It is quite the tool if you ask me!

Hopefully in the future I will post the plan here to get some feedback.  Until then, enjoy the rest of your day!

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